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How it begins.

Become a KSC Vendor

Join our community, enable your business and write your future.

Top Reasons to become
a KSC Vendor

  1. Accept Digital payment
  2. The ability to accept digital payments opens new markets and to not miss sales because clients don't have the cash with them.

    We currently accept:

    * DEMO : This service is currently in demo mode - none of the payment methods are currently active.

  3. Keep your money safe
  4. Cash can be stolen, lost, or miscounted. Digital money is safer. You can track back your transactions or prove you offered credit.

  5. Build a reputation
  6. With a profile page and clients able to voice their support, you can show new clients you can be trusted, and keep in touch with your network.

  7. Invoice like a pro
  8. Invoicing and admin don't come naturally to most of us, yet it is part of being professional to get it right. We automate it for you, so you can focus on your real skills.

  9. Join the community
  10. Our members believe their reality can change. Through work and personal growth, they build a future for themselves and their family.

  11. Learn business skills
  12. We have to figure things out to succeed. Often, all we need is some orientation to get started, and from there we find how to dig deeper. Our courses do just that, they give you the kick-start.

What do I have to pay?

Joining the platform and cooperative is FREE.
Creating a profile page, generating invoices and sharing either with customers is free of charge - barring the potential data costs perceived by the network operator.


Membership fees are perceived as a small portion of the business carried out on the platform, and serve as the members participation to the maintenance and development of the services offered. We believe that fees shall never be due in advance, so that anyone can join.


The platform enables trade between members, so each member charges for the services they provide, and other members pay for these services.


Charges apply to these transactions; Payment systems providers apply charges which we apply as such, and KSC applies a small charge which is the membership participation we mentioned.


to ensure you won't have to pay for anything unless you benefit from it, and even then, it will be a small expense.

The community

The KSC platform is guided by cooperative principles, enabling cohesion, productive exchange between its members and promoting business education.

Becoming a member means joining the cooperative and includes being invited to join in on decisions regarding the priorities of the cooperative.

The cooperative is open to anyone who wishes to join.

You can read more on the cooperative in our legal section.

Overview of our members *

{ XXX } Active members.

{ XX % } Men and { XX % } Women.

{ XX % } below 25 years old and { XX % } above 45.

{ XX % } in the Western Cape and { XX % } in Gauteng.

* DEMO : Numbers are not available yet.

Your questions

How do I register ?

All you need is a cell phone number.

You will be able to confirm your identity to protect your earnings, but you can get started right away.
In case of conflict, RICA identification will be used to settle the conflict, so make sure you provide your ID number if the phone number is not RICA-registered in your name.

What if my phone gets stolen?

Blocking the SIM card will protect your account as all transactions rely on your phone number.

If you suspect fraud on your SIM card, you can suspend your account .

What if someone pays themselves from my phone?

If you identify undesired transactions on your statement, you can restrict future transactions to specific users. We cannot reverse transactions unless the recipient agrees. Conflicts would have to be taken to the authorities.

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